Bird Netting Installation for Industrial Ponds, Commercial Ponds, Airport Basins, Mining Basins and Oil and Frac Pits

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Keep birds out of your commercial ponds, pits and basins with a bird netting structure installation by Netting Builder.

Our bird pond netting exclusion systems are constructed to engineering specifications. We specialize in installing bird barrier netting structures over large industrial and commercial basins where bird exclusion is needed to keep the operation running safely and within legal standards.


Our netting structures will keep birds and other wildlife from entering your ponds and commercial or industrial areas.

We innovate site specific solutions. We have provided solid structural solutions in some of the harshest environments. We look forward to finding a solution to your bird barrier problems.


Industiral Bird Netting Installation keeps birds out of oil or frac pits, dangerous mining pond or tailing ponds.


Airport Bird Control keeps birds from nesting near airport runways where they can cause bird strikes on planes.



Types of Commercial Bird Netting Installations.


  • Frac Pits and Oil Pit Netting
  • Oil Sump Netting
  • Produced Water Pit Netting
  • Re-Use Pit Netting
  • Evaporation Pond Netting
  • Detention Pond Bird Netting
  • Retention Pond Bird Netting
  • Tailing Ponds
  • DE Basins
  • Leach Basins
  • Airport Runoff Basins
  • Fish Hatchery Netting
  • Hazardous Waste ponds
  • Waste Clarifiers
  • Mining basins
  • Other types of Commercial Ponds, Basins or Pits

Why Bird Pond Netting Installation and Bird Prevention Netting Structures are Important


Bird netting structures help protect you and wildlife. Netting systems installed over ponds will keep wildlife out of any hazardous liquids and will protect pond contents from contamination from birds droppings and decaying bird contaminants.  Industrial Bird Netting will prevent bird parts from clogging filters and machinery. Large bird netting structures require expertise and installation in less than ideal conditions. We know how to build them.


Contact us for information, advice or quotes. We will do site inspections to determine project scope. We look forward to working with you on your bird netting installation project.

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All of Netting Builder's work and material carries a limited warranty. Please ask for details of limited warranty.

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