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Netting Contractor: Engineering, Design and Installation. (559) 331-1440 or 864 478-7440,

For your bird netting, golf netting orchard netting or landfill netting, please choose us to be your netting builder, your netting contractor or netting installer. We also repair existing structures. 

Contact us at 864-478-7440 or


 Bird Netting, Orchard Netting, Golf Netting, Pond Netting, Landfill netting, Litter Fence, Retractable Netting

P.O.Box 668

Columbus, NC 28722



Netting Builder

Netting Design

Netting Contractor

 Neil Shaw - General Manager

 Michael Rodriguez - Project Manager

 North Carolina USA

Scott Corrigan

Project Manager


We Are Nationwide!


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(864) 478-7440


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