Landfill Litter Fence Netting

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Gain permanent control of windborne garbage when we install landfill litter fencing. Our litter fence netting systems are strong, long-lasting solutions to keep paper, bottles, cans and other light-weight garbage from leaving the boundaries of your landfill, transfer station, composting or recycling facility.


Our perimeter landfill netting keeps trash from spreading to nearby properties, improving relationships with neighbors and regulatory agencies. It will also help you save money on litter retrieval labor or vacuum truck expenses.


Litter fences can be installed on filled dirt, disturbed landfill substrate or undisturbed natural soil. We use steel or wooden pole construction as per engineering specifications. Our litter fences are engineered and designed to last, using top quality materials from pole manufacturers. We build litter fence solutions based on a number of site factors, including wind speeds and slopes to determine the proper height of the fencing system.


Our attention to service and quality has made us an industry leader. We're looking forward to working with you. Contact us for a quote.


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All of Netting Builder's work and material carries a limited warranty. Please ask for details of limited warranty.

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